Saturday, 21 November 2015

Effortlessly Stylish – Guy’s Accessories You Need to Have While Travelling

The modern man has no excuse to look drab as he needs to put his best face forward. A gentleman’s wardrobe is indeed a work of art that reflects his style. While travelling, accessories are often forgotten about. This guide will help you put your look together and look fab even when travelling. 

A man can never have enough of ties. Skinny ties are out and textured ties in bold colors are making a comeback. They perfectly compliment your outfit and are a must have in a guy’s wardrobe. 

Remaining hydrated is important however it is equally important to carry your beer along where ever you go. An insulated water bottle will keep your beer cold for long so that you can easily enjoy a sip whenever you want.

While travelling, you need to have an umbrella with you as you never know when it can start raining. A good black umbrella would be the best bet. It comes with unconditional lifetime guarantee and will keep you dry.

Men, nowadays like to remain well groomed and, for this reason, they like to carry their Dopp kit wherever they go. The Dopp kit will keep everything safe and will make it easy for you to find different products easily.

A classic duffel bag is your perfect travelling partner. Pick up one in bold colors and look stylish whenever you plan a trip. Plus, travel bags can always be passed on from one generation to other easily. 

Make a statement with stripped socks. Investing in colorful socks is the best deal to look fashionable and amazing at the same time. Make sure you wash them regularly to avoid smelly feet. 

Pick up a case card while travelling to hold a decent number of cards. Go in with a leather case as it looks stylish and never goes out of fashion. A great accessory to have indeed!

This piece of machinery looks fantastic and will keep on ticking even if you find yourself underwater. Previously believed to be just a hand accessory, it is fast finding a place in one of the best accessories a man can have. 

While opting for a keychain, choose one that can be used in a number of ways. Pick up a keysquare that is strong, opens beers and is easy to carry. What more can you ask in a keychain?

Leather belts are a thing of past! This season go in with something a little brighter. Shop for an eye catching belt with a little extra punch.  Go for something like a braided look to stand out from the crowd. 

Sunglasses define a man’s personality. If you have outgrown the aviator style, you can pick up a black metal frame or the wayfarer style sunglasses. Whatever you choose, make sure they are not too big or too small for your face.

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